Charlie Tallulah



The language is sharp and precise…(note) the author’s way of patterning his text with luminous phrases that reach out of their context toward some larger and more mysterious meaning – Douglas Glover, Numero Cinq



“Although very much a sexy action-adventure across the Canadian Prairies, Charlie Tallulah is really about storytelling. The thing about Beirne’s enigmatic protagonist is that Charlie is entirely comfortable with his life being a story, a fiction, something he can reinvent as needed. The result is a well-crafted anti-hero”—Telegraph-Journal.


Somehow the stories of Charlie Tallulah’s life never seem to add up, are always less than the sum of their parts,

amount to nothing in the end. In this particular story, Charlie is on the run, not only from his past –

a previous life and identity in Ireland – but from Krotz who believes Charlie has stolen money from him.

Charlie believes otherwise and is surprised when Krotz gives chase – across the Canadian prairies.

Charlie meets Lucinda working in a liquor store in Brandon, Manitoba. She too is unhappy with her life

and when Krotz shows up, Charlie and Lucinda both take to the road together – in the back of the truck,

beneath a tarp, a large glass tank with a venomous Gila Monster – in the glove compartment, a gun…


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