Games of Chance: A Gambler’s Manual

The distinction between art and science is man-made, like language and words. The best we can hope to do, it seems, is to redefine both. Games of Chance tosses words like knucklebones into the air, while seeking to predict the outcome. The results are deception and random revelation. Gerard Beirne studied mathematics and engineering, and in the present collection seeks to reconcile art and science with spirituality.



“The fine art of mathematics and gambling are the inspiration for Gerard Beirne’s newest collection of poetry, Games of Chance (Oberon Press). Weaving mathematical formulas and scientific lingo into beautifully written verse, Beirne creates a happy union between the arts and science.” – Open Book


A lot to say…meditations on several aspects of mathematics – rotation transformations, thermal expansion, probability and Pi. It’s not like any poetry one has seen before and it can be read with appreciation by non-mathematicians.” –The Guardian (Charlottetown)

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