“By far the most memorable novel of the year for me was Gerard Beirne’s wonderful The Eskimo in the Net…Just like the central character, Jim Gallagher, the reader is drawn into the depths of both a mystery and a personal voyage of discovery… Wonderful clear prose and sensitive observation in a tough environment make this an outstanding debut work, scandalously ignored by this year’s Man Booker judges.
 – Graham Ball (Literary Editor, The Daily Express, 2003).


“The haunting central image of this book provides an opening sentence that is easily the best I have read in a long time… a very ambitious first novel …this book is so good it is hard to believe that such a mature work is a first novel. It is a vivid and very moving attempt to make us kiss the cold realities of individual existence.” – Paul Pickering, The Daily Express


“This first novel by the Irish poet and short story writer has one of the most intriguing beginnings I have ever read …. vivid and sensual…” – New Books Mag


“Flashes of brilliance… chilling, tragic, and ironic all at once… haunting…It’s been said that James Joyce could create a character by the way he held his umbrella. Beirne has that knack…” – Vancouver Sun


“The Eskimo in the Net is a beautifully crafted piece of literature in which Beirne’s poetic voice shines through.”-  Red Magazine


“Beirne’s descriptive writing is superb. He evokes the atmosphere of the town brilliantly, along with the surrounding landscape…they (the characters) have all stayed with me. The narrative was compelling, seeping into my being…” – Books Ireland


“a writer with a captivating voice…evocative… a vivid sense of life.” – Montreal Gazette


“moving search for friendship and self…” – Edmonton Journal


“… the reader is caught – hook, line and sinker…Through an achingly poignant journey, Gerard Beirne coaxes readers along roads many would perhaps rather not travel, punctuating every mile or so with stark realism.” – The Belfast Telegraph


“…filled with brooding and ecstatic sea-and-sky imagery Beirne’s impressive debut could easily become an art film.” – Booklist


“…an enthralling debut…” – Irish Emigrant.


“A strong debut novel…adroitly crafted…there is a rare quality at play in this novel…a thoroughly enjoyable read.” – Winnipeg Free Press


“…page-turner of a novel from the Irish author of cult short story Sightings of Bono …” (Four stars) – Uncut


“Gerard Beirne’s first novel is a hymn to lives lived by the sea, a meditation on the business of life and death and a tribute to characters set adrift…It’s Beirne’s questions and his characters, both seductive and sacred, that will make me remember his name.”  The Telegraph Journal



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