In the town of Turtle nothing changes. And that’s the way the townsfolk like it. Or do they? In this surreal, allegorical novel, Gerard Beirne invites you into the home of Turtle resident Nathan Baxter. He is the most recent in a line of Nathan Baxters who, like everyone else in Turtle, have lived identical lives generation after generation. When a mysterious stranger arrives in town, change threatens Turtle and Nathan’s way of life. It’s an absurdist setting that wouldn’t be out of place in a Samuel Beckett play. As Turtle’s secrets unravel, the town’s imperfections are exposed and Nathan attempts to unravel the knot of fate and choice to find happiness and love. -Telegraph-Journal

“Beirne’s wonderful novel. Turtle… like, say, Cormac McCarthy, is rigorously dedicated to his style. He never backs off or makes it easier for a reader. In time the rhythm gets under your skin… and in this way becomes linked to the joy you’ll derive from this book…the excellence of his storytelling.”  De-ja Vu All Over Again – Craig Davidson, Times-Transcript


“Gerard Berne’s novel, Turtle, takes the theme of history repeating itself and puts it into a surreal spin. Turtle is written in tight, poetic prose within a verse-like structure. By the end of the first few pages, the rhythm of the prose had infiltrated my mind and produced a steady, comforting beat underneath the sprawling story of the town named, Turtle…This unique novel is an engaging, fascinating read from start to finish.” Sheila McClarty – Night Table Recommendations

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