Fault Lines


Maybelle’s husband is recently dead. Her personal assistant and lover may have helped her to end his life. Before his death his preoccupation was in buying up cheap land around the fault lines to sell on for development and a rich profit. Out ahead of them lies a deep canyon where they cast the urn with his ashes and where strange lights can later be witnessed. The is all before the earth tremors and the dust storm – .”… It was the first time we had seen each other’s bodies. The first time I had seen the naked flesh of a widow of barely forty-eight hours. The yellow glare of the spotlight jaundiced her pale skin. A light breeze blew in from the canyon, that large empty gulch that stretched ahead of us, carrying the smell of creosote bushes. The dry desert dust landed softly on the flagstones and tiles, on the surface of the shimmering water lit from below, on our warm flesh lit from we knew not where. We were exposed not just to each other but to the world if the world had cared to look…”


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